Walter bWalter Reginald Wilfred: Our humble protagonist.  He’s spent most of his nineteen years being shuffled from aunt to aunt while working numerous odd jobs.  Walter’s beloved Uncle Reggie – a renowned valet himself – has inspired him to enter a life of domestic service. Walter is the unfortunate possessor of a gentle poet’s soul in a society that thinks he’s best suited for the coal mines.


Butler Roderick: A man who only wishes to stand at the helm of a respectable household. Unfortunately for him, it is the Grisby household. And now Walter is a member of his staff.  Butler Roderick has some anger management issues, understandably.


James and John Tolson: The first and second footmen of Grisby Manor, identical twins. They are Butler Roderick’s only source of consolation. It’s hard to tell what either one is thinking. It’s impossible to tell which one is which.